I am deeply passionate about teaching and, throughout my graduate education, have consistently sought out opportunities to teach or receive further training in teaching. Below I present a selected list of my teaching experience and credentials. I also provide free and public access to the lectures for the Social Psychology course that I taught in 2021, which I have designed to be both engaging and accessible.

Teaching and Mentoring Experience

Course Director: Social Psychology (York University) | 2021 (Fall)
Course Director: Social Psychology (co-taught with Alisha Salerno; York University) | 2021 (Winter)
Statistics Constulant (York University Statistical Consulting Service) | 2017–2018
Guest Lecture: The Roles of Objectivity and Subjectivity in Science (York University) | 2022 (Winter)
Guest Lecture: Epistemology, Empiricism, and the Philosophy of Science (York University) | 2022 (Fall)
Mentor: Psychology Undergraduate Mentor Program (York University) | 2018–2019

Workshops Delivered

An Introduction to ‘The New Statistics’ (York QM Workshop Series) | 2022
How to Choose the Right Statistical Test (York QM Workshop Series) | 2021
Measure Design and Development (Institute for Social Research) | 2021
Introduction to eClass Data: What can it teach us? (STAY Symposium) | 2021
How to Create and Upload Exams for eClass (York U Teaching Commons) | 2021
Open Science in Psychology (York University) | 2020
Writing Grant Proposals (York University) | 2020
Data Collection & Participant Recruitment Methods (York University) | 2020

Teaching Credentials

Senior Teaching Assistant Program: Exploring Educational Development | 2021
York University, Teaching Commons
Accredited by Educational Developers Caucus

TA Certificate in Teaching (TACT) | 2020
York University, Teaching Commons
Accredited by Educational Developers Caucus

Teaching Statistics in Psychology | 2021
Two-day virtual conference
Hosted by Trent University & York University

Supporting Teaching at York (STAY) Symposium | 2021
One-day virtual conference
Teaching Commons, York University