I am a Ph.D. student in the Social/Personality Psychology area at York University and am supervised by Raymond Mar. I completed my Honours thesis in the Cognitive Aging and Memory Lab at Memorial University supervised by Ian Neath.

My current focus is on videogames and their propensity to encourage attitude change. Specifically, I am interested in how narrative engagement might moderate this relationship and how this phenomenon might resemble narrative persuasion in other media. I am also broadly interested in the issue of measurement in the domain of videogames, with respect to genre exposure and narrative engagement.
My Master’s thesis research focused on the perception of absurd humour. In particular, I was interested in the polarised reactions absurdity tends to elicit, which include threat, mirth, and a profound sense of meaning. I investigated the effects of personality and context (expectations, knowledge of intention) on appreciation for absurd humour. This work was part of a broader question of how meaning is constructed in cases when meaningfulness is ambiguous and what role personality plays in that construction.